Thursday, 9 June 2011

KODAMA- Returen to me

Lost world(left)/wooden bolws,bookend, spoon handle,18ct yellow gold,
shell, silkcord, paint,silver
Memory reading(right)/clog,spoon handle,wooden spoon, oxsidesed silver,paint

Memory reading(detail)

Lost world (detail)

Return to me(detail/maracas,spoon handle,coat hunger,oxsidesed silver,
silkcord, paint)

cave painting/ rolling pin, spoon handle, oxsidesed silver,paint)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Production line /metal

botanical earrings(L) oxsidesed silver

Contemporary Silver Earrings

                                       botanical enecklace(L) oxsidesed silver

wisteria earrings 18ct yellow gold and oxsidised silver
Contemporary Gold and Silver Earrings

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Kodama Production line/ recycled wood

wooden earrings (coathunger/silver/paint)

wooden earrings (coathunger/silver/paint)

wooden brooches (coathunger/silver/paint)

earrings(coat hunger/paint/silver)

“Christmas Rocks” 2009 Metalab Gallery Sydney

I was invited to the show"Christmas Rocks" These are 3 brooches I pressented

 brooch1 (wood/silicon/silver)


                                             brooch2 (wood/silicon/silver)


                                               brooch3 (wood/silicon/silver)


Charm brooch. This is a back of the brooch

                                           Charm brooch with a handmade box

Charm pins in a handmade box

I made a book. These are my work"Charm" on people's body

more pages 


These are works from"Charm" seriese.
necklace/pins/sucktion cup( silicon/clay/silver/silkcord)

Surface connection

These are from the exhibition"Surface connection" with Amy
brooches( silicon/clay/silver/mild steel)
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